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Brief Description

Fantasy Town Regional Manager is a roguelite, card-based town builder where you manage a fantasy town that deals with monsters, rowdy adventurers, and corporate oversight.

Development History

Fantasy Town Regional Manager is a town-building, collectible card gaming satire of the fantasy genre, asking the question, "What is it like to run a town for adventurers?" Probably horrifying, but potentially quite fun!

This game is our love-letter to role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, and the oftentimes humorous and ridiculous situations we've all experienced playing them.

The game originally started as a 3-month student project in April 2020. It was a long road to full release, but the game was finally published to Steam on November 6th of 2021, and later on on January 6th of 2022.

The game's release was met with relative success for the hobyist team, being listed amongst Kotaku Australia's "Top 10 Australian Games of 2021" next to other incredible Australian titles such as The Artful Escape, The Forgotten City, and runaway success of the year, Unpacking, and listed as one of three finalists in the 2022 Australian Game Developer Awards' (AGDAs) "emerging games" category.

The game has continued to recieve support, feature and content updates post-launch with close community interaction over the team's Discord.

We hope people have as much fun playing Fantasy Town Regional Manager as we did making it!

About The Developers

We are a collective of university students and recent graduates from Sydney, Australia (mostly at University of Technology Sydney) with a shared love of game-making, running game jams, and building open-source software in our free time. Teams vary between projects, which allows us to bring in those who want to be a part of our current projects.

In late 2020, we decided to publish Fantasy Town Regional Manager under the name Caps Collective. We're working to deliver everything we do in an open-source and transparent way!

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Gameplay Trailer (June 2023)

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Gameplay Videos

Let's Play/First Impressions Stream by Nookrium

Let's Play/First Impressions by Randomise User: The Best Indie Games

Interviews & Dev Chats

SIFTER Showcase Interview (October 2021)

Steam Next Fest Developer Livestream (July 2021)


Each of the below have worked on the game during various periods, with ~4 active at any one time during development.

Name Twitter Roles
Aryeh Zinn @aryehdev96 programming, writing & design
Ben Kelly @BenKellyGames design, programming, writing, UI & promotion
Dale Grant @DaleTGrant programming & effects
Ed Su @edisuism programming & UI
Gunny Tongtae @docodox character artwork
Jonathan Moallem @JonJonRespawned design, programming, writing, UI, music & sound
Jordan Hamlin @OhFourFiveOne programming, effects & modelling
Olly Rybak @SwiggiesDev programming, modelling, effects & tooling

Contact Us

If you'd like to talk to us directly, we can be contacted via email or twitter, and feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to organise a chat with the team!