Run a fantasy town for adventurers. Save it from monsters. Save it from itself. Watch it crumble to dust. Do it all again.

Think you have what it takes to run a bustling adventuring hub? Expand its profits exponentially? Dust yourself off and try again when it all inevitably falls into ruin? Then this may just be the role for you!

Unknown riches and perils await your townsfolk, so your job will be to procure a steady supply of adventurers for both protection and exploration. However, the chaos that the adventuring lifestyle brings can oftentimes cause more problems than it solves!

It is up to you, the regional middle manager of the adventurers guild to grow this small hamlet into a bustling city. Will you stand the test of time, or will your works return to dust as many have before?

A turn-based, roguelite city builder, where as your city grows, it attracts more adventurers! Chaos will inevitably ensue, so be ready to face all that running an adventuring hub brings.

Your responsibilities as regional manager may include:

  • Constructing buildings!
  • Attracting the greatest adventurers!
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest news in your town!
  • Discovering all the blueprints!
  • Completing "favours" for the various guilds!
  • Sending adventurers on arduous quests!
  • Fending off your inevitable demise...
  • ... aaaand digging through the ruins of your numerous failures.

Check out our press kit for more info on the game, FAQ, and publishing assets, or contact us via email or twitter directly to have a chat with the team.